Review: A short Hike

A Short Hike: a cute game in which you play as a little bird on a mission to hike up a mountain.

Review: GNOG

I've picked a couple short and sweet indie games from my backlog to play this week. 1st one up is GNOG.

Review: Nier

In another edition of "decade-old games I just got around to playing" I just finished Nier (the original, not Automata).

Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Almost a decade late, I just finished playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I found it to be pretty fun overall, but with some flaws...

I Bought a Nintendo Switch!

Today, in early celebration of the one year anniversary of the Switch's release, I'll be writing about my first impressions on Ninte

It's Not All Fun and Games-Making

I make games, but that's not all I do. Here I talk about all of the other things that indie devs have to worry about, besides actually m

Fighting Games Aren't Fun (For Me)

I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, except for Super Smash Brothers. Here I'll talk about why, and how I'm going to make a fig

Playing With Platforming

Weekly update on what I've been doing. I talk about a platforming prototype, and hidden game mechanics.

Why I Decided to Make Games

I'm going to talk about why I decided to start making video games, a few games that inspire me, and what I intend to do with this blog.