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Review: Ape Out

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Time for another indie game review! This time, Ape Out by @gabecuzzillo .

Ape Out is a game about a rampaging ape trying to escape its captors while causing the most carnage possible. It features fast paced action with randomized levels and a very unique soundtrack.

About the music, which is the coolest part of this game to me: It consists of procedurally composed jazz, with a heavy focus on the drums. The music is meant to feel like an improvisational jazz piece, and it pulls this off perfectly. Every playthrough gives you a unique track. The music reacts to your gameplay and really adds to the chaotic feel of the game, as you try to bust your way out of the levels. Amazing work.

As far as gameplay goes, this one is very simple but keeps things interesting by adding a new element every few levels. Additionally, there is a hard mode for each level, as well as an arcade mode where you can compete to get on the leaderboards.

Unfortunately, what I don't like about Ape Out is the randomization. I feel like sometimes I get stuck in an impossible situation, or the right combination of enemies show up to make it extremely difficult to navigate some sections of a level. This is fine in the normal modes but I feel like in the arcade mode, where you are competing with others for a high score, randomization is not your friend.

The last thing I'll say though is that the artwork is very unique and fun! I love the minimal look and bright colors used. Additionally, the background level textures have a sort of fluidity to them that plays well into the whole chaotic theme of the game.

All in all, I had fun with Ape Out, but I feel like it's held back by its randomized elements. It's not for me, but I would honestly check it out just for the music and artwork. I'm sure there are others who will be more than happy with the gameplay.

Heisengerm Rating: 3/5

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