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Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

(Transcribed from my personal Twitter: @Heisengerm)

Almost a decade late, I just finished playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I found it to be pretty fun overall, but with some unfortunate glaring flaws.

The stealth gameplay was great, about as good as any other modern stealth game. The augments you could get regarding stealth really meshed well with the gameplay and were fun to use. Story was cliche, but fun nonetheless. The levels were intricately designed with multiple branching paths so you could really choose your own way to accomplish your goals, most of the time. There were always paths that had different benefits and risks and it was fun trying to weigh the different options. There were a variety of guns that were all unique and fun to use. There were also enough guns to provide a few different options whether you wanted to be sneaky or go in guns blazing.

Now for the flaws:

1) The very first mission asks you to choose a loadout before you even get to see how your choice affects the gameplay. Granted you can always pick up new weapons, but I found this a little odd. There should have been at least an intro mission detailing how each of the starting loadouts differed and how you many want to use them.

2) The boss fights feel almost like they were made for a totally different game. In 3 (more than half) of the fights, you fight a boss that is stronger, sometimes faster, and sometimes invisible. This does not fit with the stealth gameplay in 95% of the rest of the game.

3) The way that each of the endings are unlocked is classic video game shit. Basically nothing you chose in the game matters until the final mission, where you're given a couple optional, unmarked objectives to complete. If you happen to do these things, you get the option at the end to literally choose the ending that corresponds to each objective. This completely erodes any illusion of choice the game tries to give you. This game was ME3 before ME3 (by only a few months!)

All in all, Deus Ex: HR is a game that is definitely worth playing for the gameplay, just don't forget to keep yourself stocked with ammo for the boss fights and you'll have a good time.

Heisengerm rating = 3/5

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