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Review: GNOG

(Transcribed from my personal Twitter: @Heisengerm)

Currently I'm waiting on Nier: Automata in the mail, so I've picked a couple short and sweet indie games from my backlog to play this week. 1st one up is GNOG.

GNOG is a puzzle game that you can complete in a couple short bites of time. It isn't too complex, but it is a nice hour or so of relaxing puzzle-solving. Gameplay consists of clicking around and trying to figure out the correct sequence to complete the little puzzles in. At the end of each one, you are rewarded with a little animation w/ some cute music to go along.

There's not much else to say except that the mouse controls on PC are a little finicky. I did enjoy my short time with GNOG though. It was intriguing the whole time and didn't overstay its welcome.

Heisengerm rating = 3/5

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