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Review: Inside

(Transcribed from my personal Twitter: @Heisengerm)

I just played through Inside, the newest game from @Playdead , the studio that made Limbo! This game was great!

I remember playing Limbo back when it first came out, and you can tell the studio took what they learned and ran with it. Inside is much like Limbo in terms of gameplay and similar in atmosphere. I feel like the puzzles are a bit more creative in Inside though. A good touch is the use of the color red as a stark contrast to the background to help distinguish the player and interactable objects. I love simple, intuitive design that doesn't get in the way of the experience, and this game absolutely oozes that.

Like Limbo, Inside uses only the environment and its gameplay to tell its story. However, I feel this is much more refined in Inside because there are many more npcs that help with showing, not telling the story. Music is sparse, but the sound design more than makes up for it. I feel like if there was a ton of music, the lonely, mysterious atmosphere wouldn't connect as well.

I was reluctant to try Inside because I wasn't the biggest fan of Limbo, but I'm very glad I did. I like Inside a lot more, thanks to the great design and (imo) more intriguing story.

Heisengerm Rating = 4/5

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