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Review: Nier

(Transcribed from my personal Twitter: @Heisengerm)

In another edition of "decade-old games I just got around to playing" I just finished Nier (the original, not Automata). This one came out in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and is known in Japan as Nier: Replicant or Nier: Gestalt for the two consoles, respectively. I decided to play Nier mainly because I want to play Nier: Automata, and I’ve seen that the two share a lot of common elements and themes.

Gameplay-wise, Nier is a hack-n-slash RPG with bullet-hell elements. You will often find yourself fighting a small horde of enemies while jumping and dodging around magic attacks. The combat system is simple, and the different magic attacks you can utilize keep it interesting enough, but I often found myself just spamming one of the magic attacks. What I did find pretty interesting were the times the game switched up the camera angles and made the fighting feel closer to a game like Galaga.

The story is pretty interesting, and gives u crucial info at a good pace. Oddly, the game makes you play though the last half 2 extra times to get the full story. Thankfully, it’s not too much of a slog to get through it, although by my 3rd time around it started to get to me.

Lastly, this game has some pretty awesome music. It has a few key motifs that it mixes up and plays around with in a few interesting ways. Overall, I enjoyed my time playing Nier, and I can’t wait for the sequel to arrive in the mail so I can dive in.

Heisengerm rating = 3/5

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