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Check out the games I have released or am currently working on here! You can also find all of this on my page!

Released 11-23-17


A rhythm/memory game for PC and mobile!

ReBeat puts your memory and music skills to the test by having you remember a beat and repeat it in time with the music! If it sounds difficult, don't worry! ReBeat has different levels of difficulty and 3 song speeds to choose from so you can play at your own pace. Inspired by my background in music and love for music games, ReBeat is an interesting and unique take on the music game genre. ReBeat contains 3 original songs made by myself and a friend and is completely free to play on mobile! ($1.99 on pc/mac)

ReBeat | Android | Google Play
ReBeat | iOS | App Store
ReBeat | PC/Mac |

About Hesiengerm Games

Chemist by day, solo indie game developer by night.

I play games, I love games, I make games. Fan of Metal Gear, Arkham Series, Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls, and Luigi.

I work on my games from my apartment in Austin, TX.

I am not an artist, not a composer (although I do love playing drums), not a programmer, not a writer. But if you want a game that is FUN to play, I'm your man.


Solo indie developer for mobile and pc

ReBeat Now Available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac!

ReBeat | Android | Google Play
ReBeat | iOS | App Store
ReBeat | PC/Mac |

Get ReBeat today!

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